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 תפריט חתונות ביוון

This estate is one of a kind. There is no place on earth like it. Located close to Athens, set on top of a cliff overlooking an awe inspiring view of the Aegean Sea. This estate was hand designed and built, harnessing inspiration from the endless nature that surrounds her.

This luxury hotel is found in the best spot of the Island. from the comfort of the infinity pool you can gaze upon the spectacular views of the Greek Islands. This boutique hotel can host up to 65 guests in private villas that indulge every guests’ fantasy of privacy, relaxation, celebration and a complete holiday set in Greece.

In the village close by, you and your guests can enjoy a thriving nightlife of bars and taverns. 

This is one of the more popular destinations among our couples! Why? firstly- its location is a 1 hour sail away from Athens, secondly- the hotel is situated on a private beach, with a fully stocked bar for a reception and wedding party. You can also enjoy the huge pool, the Jacuzzi, spa, exclusive superb service and a chef who knows how to get the job done right.

This is a perfect location for a wedding of 60 - 70 guests.

There are no words to describe the magic of this place. A hotel that feels like a country estate, situated in an isolated bay of the island and surrounded by untamed endless stretches of beaches. Poolside you can observe valleys with magnificent waterfalls cascading down. There is even a gourmet restaurant and luxury lodgings. 

This hotel is a combination of prestigious service and modern design. It provides a holistic atmosphere of a Greek country village on an isolated beach.  The hotel is suitable for couples that wants to set up a banquet on the beach front and invite 80 - 120 guests. Part of the hotel services is yoga and Pilates lessons every morning, an infinity pool, games and activities for children and so much more….

הוילה המיוחדת הזאת נבנתה באמצע המאה ה- 19! היא בנויה מאבן ומשובצת ברהיטי וינטג' נדירים. היא לוקיישן מדהים לחתונה מהאגדות.. יש בה גינת פסלים, בריכה ענקית, פינת חי עם כבשים, איילות ובמבים ומרפסת מלכותית שצופה על כל היופי המיוחד הזה.

אם חלמתם להתחתן כמו מלכים ולהרגיש כמו חלק מסיפור אגדה, זאת הוילה המשולמת בשבילכם. 

This amazing villa will provide you with an unforgettable hospitality experience in a breathtaking scenery. In the winter the snow covers the mountains and is suitable even for a ski vacation stocked with a steamy outside Jacuzzi too.

In the summer it is perfect for real relaxation, strolls in the nature and wondering around the picturesque villages which surround the villa. 

Best Seller… By Far !!

This special place, was up until a hundred years ago a factory for refining precious stones. Today it is used as a family friendly hotel and tavern that serves authentic Greek food. The hotel is set at the footsteps of the mountainous area of North Evia Island, surrounded by wild unhindered nature, and a quiet sublime beach front.

This luxurious hotel is suitable for a large wedding party, and best suited for guests who enjoy the real good life! This hotel has earned its 5th star - hosting one of the more magnificent breathtaking views of rolling hills and vineyards of the Peloponnese area. Part of the hotel’s advantages is the beach that is found just under the hotel, the never-ending pool, indoor heated pool, Jacuzzi and spa. 

This is one of the most unique boutique hotels we have yet to see. The small fishing village in which the hotel is found, the picturesque surroundings and the view from the rooms which overlooks the port, creates an illusion of an old Italian movie or the feeling of a good story we once read. This is a piece of tranquility that is hard to express with words. 

This is a small family style hotel walking distance from the nearby village and hosts 8 private rooms. This is the perfect place to combine an intimate wedding with a family vacation. The beach is solely for the hotel guests to enjoy and hosts one of the clearest turquoise water we at Wedaway have yet to see. 

A small wedding ceremony on the beach and then a short walk to Maria’s Tavern for a real Greek wedding celebration…. The Dream!

מלון פשוט ומקסים על צוק המשקיף לים. שבילים קטנים שמחברים בין החדרים  המסויידים לבן ופרחים שצומחים בכל פינה. כשיורדים במדרגות מהמרפסת הגדולה שבחזית, מגיעים לחוף פרטי מהמם שמסביבו מיטות שיזוף.

אפילו תושבי האי באים לאכול במלון הזה כי משקיף ממנו הנוף הכי יפה ומגישים בו את האוכל הכי טוב. 

המלון הזה מתאים לזוגות שמחפשים את ה-דבר היווני האמיתי.

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