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orgenizing Intimate Weddings Across the Sea

When it comes to choosing your wedding venue abroad, there are some important factors to be considered. In order to achieve the perfect formula, we have investigated all these factors, and selected with great care the most suitable and correct locations for a boutique wedding function set overseas. All the locations found in our wedding venue collection, Wedaway has personally visited, checked, met and ate at, to make sure its the most perfect venue for your wedding… 

The Location

The Wedding Ceremony

The legal side of any wedding can be overwhelming, at Wedaway it is of utmost importance that the couple gets to choose their own way to tie the knot. Whether it be a religious ceremony, reform, pluralistic or simply a free symbolic ceremony, each one has its own bureaucratic system that needs to be navigated carefully. We at WedAway has sought out to build lasting connections with the relevant authorities and have accumulated vital knowledge regarding the varied demands of each jurisdiction. All this so that our couples can get married in any way as their heart desires.

The Food

When it comes to food we believe in simplicity and quality raw materials- or ingredients? . To our delight, so do the Greeks and Italians.

Amongst the abundance of fish, pasta, pastries, tzatziki, suflaki, pizza, wine and ouzo, some world class caterers and taverns lurk. We turned Italy and Greece upside down, in order to find and select catering services that will make your event one full of tastes and delights.

Operations and Transportations

Planning and executing a wedding abroad demands meticulous attention to details and logistics. All the planning is on us, from flights, ferries, the itinerary to organizing group bookings, so that all guests can travel and enjoy their vacation stress free. At Wedaway we have familiarized ourselves with all the travel needs  and important logistical demands so that all guests are guaranteed a smooth ride.


An extraordinary celebration is composed of a story… The style and character of the event is built every step along the way. The experience is built according to the location, the culture of the area and the tenor of the couple. All aspects of the wedding vacation needs to be curated carefully, from the Wedding Invitations and the Save the Date, branding to all the additional intrinsic design elements. We want to ensure that all the moments are extra special.  Together with our carefully hand picked suppliers and house designers we will do everything for you and your special time together.

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